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 Optimum Horse Health 



While a good diet, herbal remedies and supplementation go a long way to prevent illness, we do stress that if your horse is in discomfort, pain or presenting with symptoms, your first obligation is to seek veterinary advice and treatment particularly for acute conditions. There are times when you might like to use herbal remedies. If you do, however, always check with your vet if you plan to administer herbal extracts with veterinary medication.

What We Will Cover  

The following topics will be covered under the  “Conditions” section.

  • Pasture Management
  • Natural feed regime
  • Some of the more common conditions that today’s horse encounters.
  • Why horses are grass affected
  • How to deal with a nervous horse.
  • Reasons for Separation anxiety and how to help this.
  • Why is magnesium so important.
  • Common endocrine problems.
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