Interesting Facts


 Interesting Facts 


This section will provide back ground information on aspects of human health and some of the physiological that make us who we are. We will explore the relationship between humans and plants in particular the striking similarities between chlorophyll and haemoglobin.


Haemoglobin molecule

Chlorophyll Molecule











Some Topics we will Cover

  • We will look at ageing and what processes are involved in that.
  • At stem cells and why the continued turn over throughout our lives is so important in avoiding some of the degenerative diseases that occur as we age.
  • Why we age and the role of telomeres and some simple things you can do to increase their resilience to degeneration.
  • How to keep our skin youthful using this information in increasing fibroblasts in your skin.
  • We will dedicate a section to definitions that you can refer to to help understand what is being said.
  • We will at all times we will try to keep this as simple as possible and not bombard you with unnecessary scientific jargon.
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