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 Degenerative Conditions

Dogs fed on a diet that mimics to some degree what they would have consumed in the wild tend to be healthier and do not suffer from the degenerative conditions that seem to plague dogs fed on a diet of dried biscuits, feeds and tinned foods. Some of the reasons for a lack of optimum health may be caused by the following


These may include:

·         Repeated doses of anti biotics

·         Poor recovery from illness or injury

·         An unsatisfactory feeding regime containing artificial food colouring and flavour, excessive amounts of red meat.

·         Inbreeding

·         Genetic tendency

Clinical signs:

·         Incomplete digestion of food in droppings.

·         Skin conditions like flea related irritations.

·         Poor mobility and or arthritis.

·         Tendency to repeated infections ( skin, nasal, bronchial, eye, urinary etc.)

·         Behavioural problems.

·         Bad breath and smelly faeces.

Healthy Dog food recipe:

We prepare this for our aging dog. It provided him with all the necessary nutrients as well as a natural source of glucosamine and minerals.

  1. Boil 500 grams chicken necks, 2 litres of water, three cloves of garlic and a table spoon of cider vinegar(This will draw out the minerals present in the bones making them bio-available to your pet.) together for an hour.
  2. Add a cup of carrot, vegetable greens like chicory, spinach, silver beet, staghorn plantain, and stinging nettle and boil for half an hour
  3. Add a cup brown rice and boil for a further half hour.
  4. We add a tablespoon of gelatine which is a crude form of glucosamine sulphate at the end of cooking while still hot.
  5. We freeze meal portions and defrost as required.
  6. At the time of feeding add a tsp of Omega oil Complex or any of the extracts suggested below.


Some additional tips:

·         To reduce skin and degenerative problems, eliminate red meats, all dried foods and tinned food for a few weeks.

·         Introduce raw meats like venison and possum meats once or twice a week. Raw chicken necks can also be given as the bones do not shatter and the dogs digestive system can cope with any bugs in the raw chicken.

·         Twice weekly a feed of rolled oats and grated carrot.

·         An aging dog will benefit from gingko1 drop per kg. This acts in a similar way to the veterinary product Vivitonin to improve blood flow to the brain, vestibular nerves, ears and eyes.

·         Saw palmetto 1 drop per kg will help protect the kidneys which is particularly important for aging dogs as kidney failure will kill a pet.

·         Withania somnifera Ashwagandha may be regarded as a  general immune and rejuvenating herb. Two drops per kg added to feed daily.

·         Daily doses of Echinacea extract one week on one week off will give the immune system a boost

·         Small daily doses of St John’s Wort  Hypericum perforatumTincture has shown to have a mild anti-inflammatory effect as effective in dealing with compulsive repetitive behaviour like habitual scratching, urination, barking etc.

·         Dogs with skin allergies may be given  a daily dose Omega oil Complex which has had additional vitamin C added

·         For joint health  between 2 and 5ml of Hira Joint Blend Plus which has joint supplements and Devil’s Claw along with Omega oil Complex.

·         Acidophilus tablets may be added to the diet to address digestive conditions and to restore beneficial gut flora after a bout of anti-biotics .( May be obtained from any health store) Dosage to be calculated from bottle.

·         Garlic the natural antibiotic and improves circulation.

·         Water cress provides a good source of vitamins A,B,C,D,E  sulphur and iron.

DISCLAIMER: Hira Laboratories will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of any products listed. We recommend that either a qualified herbalist or your animal professional carry out diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Herbal remedies must not be given not be taken in conjunction with other medication with out consulting a medical professional.

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