Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food 


Nature Versus Nurture

It has been stated that the food we eat is the number one cause of premature death and disability.

The disparity between prevention of disease  and the mitigation of suffering can be summed up this way:

Medical intervention has done little to improve the overall human condition.  Add to this mix the changes in food production, manufacture and distribution we have a population more vulnerable to disease than ever before.

This trend can and must be reversed. As more information is available to the discerning public a reversal of this trend is not only possible but likely.

One of the most important findings of these last decades is that genes are responsible for only 10% to 15% of deaths. Genetics can no longer be blamed and it is time to focus on the 75% to 80% where our health outcomes lie in our own hands.

Levels of vitamin C present in blood are good bio-markers of plant food intake. High vitamin C markers was the equivalent of being 14 years younger than your biological age.

How people age is dependent on telomere length with its cap intact and that is influenced by telomerase and enzyme that helps protect and in some cases increase telomere length.





There are plants that help stimulate the production of telomerase

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