Common Pet Conditions 


This is our beloved Rani who left us spring 2010 after a rapid decline due to age related kidney failure. This led us to look even further into how we are able to keep our older pets as healthy as possible, avoiding where possible some of the conditions that come with age.

There are a number of conditions that plague the modern-day domesticated  pet, some of which seem to be caused in part by what we are now feeding them, breeding practices that are responsible for some of the genetic disorders we see and some of the training practices that may not suit your particular animal. We believe the best health insurance for your pet is keeping its diet as clsoe as possible to what the species naturally would have eaten in the wild.

I hear you say “But this is a now domesticated animal modified by generations of living with humans, …….”

Maybe, maybe not. Lets just look at the physiology of a dog and what it was originally designed for.  Just look at its teeth. This is clearly a carnivore (not a ‘carbivore‘ eating a  disproportionate ratio of carbohydrates to protein as is found in a number processed dry feeds.)

There will be a number of pages devoted to conditions commonly found in pets. We will start with Feeding notes and add pages as there are enquiries relating to specific conditions.

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