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Our Product Line

Consists of liquid extracts, tonics, supplements, and natural speciality feeds. Contact us for information on the natural feed program. Sometimes simple changes to your horses diet may correct a condition without having to use herbal preparations. This is often the case with nervous horses and those suffering from degenerative conditions.

If you wish to place an order, just contact us on or phone us on 063450737 Postage and packing extra. Check our ‘Contact Us’ page for the list of stockists

Liquid extracts 

These consist of concentrated extracts of herbs that have been specially manufactured using pressure as well as a cold extraction method. We don’t compromise quality for speed of manufacture hence a lengthy lead in time between batches. Only small amounts are to be orally administered. These are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. May be added to the feed or syringed directly onto the tongue. Doses indicated are a guide only. Contact us for correct doses for your horse. Our extracts will remain stable and effective indefinitely. Products like Devil’s Claw, valerian, yarrow and valerian may be kept in your first aid kit as a standby for the first line treatment while you organise a vet if required.

PLEASE NOTE: Our prices have remained the same for over 5 years and the small  increase on this page is due to GST increase only. We are doing everything possible to maintain those prices to provide you with our quality controlled products at a cost effective rate. We also will help you find low cost solutions to horse care which include things like pasture management and getting back to basics using the ‘old tried and true methods of horse care. The current trend to make horse care increasingly scientific therefore dependent on processed premixed feeds and supplements which has a very narrow margin of error and you almost have to have a PhD in animal nutrition and very deep pockets. We aim to bring some common sense into horse care.


 While every effort is made to ensure the quality of our product, no statement or information contained on this page construed as a claim that this product is a cure,

mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition.This information is to be regarded as a product guide only. Hira Laboratories will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of any products listed. We recommend that either a qualified herbalist or your veterinary professional carry out diagnosis and subsequent treatment.


We send out a general newsletter on horse management with specials and free samples through our distribution email. If you are interested in being included in our newsletter mail list contact us at

Extracts Plant   ingredients have been extracted using a range of methods to product  a highly concentrated extract that has a   shelf life of over 8 years
Hira Chamomile Calm


From organically grown Matricaria recutita flowers Mildly sedating   particularly suitable for the digestive system.10-15ml an hour before the   event. Ideal for horses that stress when travelling. Suitable for use with   Hira Omega Oil Complex for minor skin conditions.


  • Dose: 3-5ml daily.
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml      $119.00


“Hi there Everdien

I have been using your Chamomile Calm in my practice now for some months now and have found that a number of horses with ulcers have been able to go off their veterinary meds and onto chamomile. The results speak for themselves. I am so glad to have found an alternative to this condition. Cheer A….”

Hira Ashwagandha


Ashwagandha  (Withania somnifera)  extract stimulates the production of new cells and aids in the body’s ability to heal itself. It is also mildly sedating and may be used prior to competition to reduce nervousness . May be used in helping address issues surrounding grass affected behaviour and mild cases of EMS.


  • Dose3-5ml daily
  • 200ml    $53.13
  • 500ml    $127.13

Devil’s Claw

Harpogophytum procumbens. This highly concentrated herbal extract may be   used to manage a range of conditions.  Helps address blood   pressure.Bitter principles act to stimulate liver, gall bladder and lower   blood sugar. Devil’s Claw stimulates uterine muscles and should not be  given to mares in foal. An ideal herb to improve mobility. For mild   conditions between 3-5ml daily. Acute conditions up to 20ml.


  • Dose: 3-5ml daily
  • 100ml     $28.70
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml     $119.90

Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract. 

Feed Back

Anyway 24hrs after the first 10ml dose of Devils Claw he was   much freer in his action so I cut it back to 5ml (as he was a bit suspicious   of his first feed and wouldn’t eat it-cunning old git) Easter Sunday I went   on a quiet trek for a couple of hours on gentle rolling terrain and he was so   much better again! This was only 2 days after his first dose…..I can’t tell   how pleased I am at the result so far, it’s just blown me away   totally. Thankyou so much for producing a wonderful product – I will be   telling all my friends about it thats for sure.

Hira Mobility Concentrate


with Devil’s Claw

This concentrated herbal blend with Devil’s Claw, gingko and ashwagandha has been formulated in response  to horses requiring a natural approach to addressing mobility issues that can help improve performance. This blend has adaptogenic and circulatory   herbs that also act on the endocrine system. We have found that it enhances   movement lightening and softening the dressage horse and making it amenable   to training and less reactive to stimuli.Consists of procumbine,   Quercitins, flavonoids, stachyose, Sitoindosides


  • Dose:3-5ml daily
  • 200ml      $60.72
  • 500ml      $136.62

Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract. 

Feed back

  • Hey there, Just a   quick email to keep you posted on the  progress of my stallion who has   been rehabilitating from a torn medial meniscus. He has been on your  Mobility Concentrate for a wee while now. Well today was his penultimate   scan, his 4th since he injured himself back in March.Vets were gobsmacked at   the results, cartilage looks perfect, and I mean perfect. Not a single sign   that it was ever injured / torn. They couldn’t believe there was no sign of   damage at all. The reason I am   sending this to you is just to tell you that the only ‘supplement’ he has   been on during his rehabilitation was your Mobility Concentrate. I think it   made the difference. Thankyou.
  • Hi E Just a quick not   to say that R— has been on the Mobility Conc. for 3-4 days now, and I have   a different horse.  He is soft, he feels looser for want of a better   word.  I had no tension issues on a schooling hack today and he appears   to feel ‘happier’.  I can’t wait to get on him tomorrow! Rachael
  • Hi Everdien,
    I hope you are well out there. Could you please send me a litre of Mobility Concentrate when you have 5 mins. We are still very pleased with the products – fantastic!
    Best Wishes.

    Denise O’Reilly UK 07814 286988.

  • 2012-08-26 By the way used the Mobility Concentrate this morning and the mare was fantastic I could actually sit the trot and the muscles of her hind quarters and loin was beginning to soften and ripple as they moved. I think I am on a winner here.Thanks a lot  Cheers Ann Australia
  • 2013-01-15 First: I am certain the Hira Mobility Concentrate you sent for Barnaby is making a difference already in that he seems to be more “softer” in his back and is moving forward much more freely and energetically than he was prior to starting him on it, so thanks very much indeed.2013-03-10“Yes its me on Storm. She is the mare that had OCD in her third vertabrae and couldn’t move her hind legs. Our only option was to put her down until we found your wonderful herbal supplements! She was on Mobility Concentrate and Devils Claw for a year.  Julia From Flying Horse
  •  2013-08-24 and 2 x whatever the biggest size is of Mobility Concentrate please. My old boys have been grateful for the Devils Claw in the feeds over winter.  I am cutting down for the younger ones (ie the 27, 26 & 18 yo) to see if they are ok over summer but the real oldie ,now officially 38′ will continue with it I think.  He is much more active this winter than last and I think at his age he can continue to benefit from it all summer too.  I have been known to take a bit myself when my dodgy Archilles tendon has been playing up.. The fellow I ride is noticeably freer and more supple with the Mobility Concentrate. 
Hira Gingko


Herbal blood and bronchial tonic. Ginkgo may improve hoof integrity by improving the blood flow to laminae. Helps   protect the body from the effects of stress. May be used in conjunction with   other products to improve the overall effect of each. May help improve blood   flow to the brain. Assists with elasticity of blood vessels and muscle fibre.


  • Dose: 3-5ml daily
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml    $119.90

Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract. 

Feed back:


Hi there Hira labs My boy is doing so well on Ginkgo and no longer has the symptoms of COPD.


Thank you so much for putting our horse onto ginkgo. He has been suffereing from heaves every season for years now. This is brilliant stuff

Hira   Equi-Ech Echinacea
Echinacea (Echinacea   purpurea)  extract stimulates the immune system and increases the body’s ability to fight infection. Increases white and red cell production.  . May be used during the show season to protect the horse from   cross-infection. Suitable for use on horses with hoof problems.


  • Dose3-5ml daily
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml      $119.90

Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract. 


25-05-15I am a race horse trainer and have used a number of your products for the past few years. I have a horse that has had on and off lameness for quite a few months. I got you Equi-Ech for a horse with mudfever and used it on this horse. I am really amazed that the lameness disappeared on the days I used it and came back the days I didn’t”

Hira Equi-So   Happy St     John’s Wort 


Natures comfort herb. This extract consists mainly of Hypericum perforatum  which   increases levels of seratonin which is responsible for feelings of contentment. Long term treatment Will generally settle the horse making it   receptive to training.This concentrated   extract consists of hypericin. hyperforin, kaempferol  stachyose, bilabolides. Quercitins


  • Dose: 3-5ml daily.
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml      $119.90

Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract.   

Feed Back:


Good morning guys

 Thank you so much for the product, wow I can’t believe the difference in my horse in just one week! I started the happy horse a week ago, he is like a different horse, he’s back to what he was before all his surgeries! He’s happy again and very content, can I keep him on the happy horse or is it just short term? He was even much better at the dressage after only being on it two days, although he had one melt down he soon realised he didn’t need to be anxious, and every day he’s gained his confidence again! Thank you so much K.

Helen Eschebruch, A Bare Foot trimmer, has this to say about Happy Horse and some others. Her details can be found on our Contacts page.

I’d like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Everdien for her wonderful, friendly and super-quick service.
I’ve known about Hira Labs for a couple of years but never purchased until recently. I sent Everdien an order for some Devils Claw and asked for a sample of St John’s Wort as well. I was trying to work through some mostly emotional issues with my younger mare and wondered if it would help her, after reading the product description on her website.
She has always had concerns about fear/anxiety and inadequacy which sometimes mean a panic response sets in. Wind and loud sounds seemed to be the worst triggers. As such she has been very slow to progress, despite the fact she is very clever and a fast learner. It got to the point that her panic reaction was getting dangerous: she did not intend to hurt me but performed some very athletic moves when upset or scared. I had addressed the physical factors (bodywork, diet) but was seriously considering putting her down if I couldn’t get to the bottom of whatever was causing her to react in that way.
Everdien warned me the product would take 5 days to show results so I might not see anything from the sample, due to the small quantity, but I was keen to try it and see if the horse would accept it – she can be fussy with new feeds and supplements. After a week, I sent E the following feedback. “I know you said it would take 5 days to kick in but, after just one dose, I swear it’s like she’s a new horse – great! She was calm, focussed and accepting, which is not normal at all. There were builders, cranes and trucks [house construction] just one paddock away [it was also very windy]: normally the noise would have affected her and she would have been spooky/jumpy/anxious. I rode again yesterday: same noisy conditions, same focussed and attentive horse!!”
She has gone from being unwilling to be caught, to saying “pick me!”
After trialling the SJW with the young mare and a discussion on its benefits when used in conjunction with Devils Claw, I also started my older mare on a low dose of SJW. It seems to have helped her immensely: I was able to very quickly taper off and stop the dose of DC, rather than supplementing continuously as I have with other herbal pain relief products in the past.
I have a full-time office job, and in addition I am a barefoot trimmer with  a small client base (no more than 15 horses at any one time). Following the success of products with my own horses, I am more than happy to recommend Hira Labs to both my clients and my colleagues. They are good quality products that work reliably – and don’t expire in 5 minutes, meaning they’re no good the second time you go to use them! Everdien is always prompt to reply to queries with lots of suggestions for products and alternatives – which don’t always include purchasing from Hira Labs. I always feel she genuinely cares about helping each and every client (and animal), and products are always dispatched in record fast time.
Hira Equi-So   Calm


Concentrated Valerian tincture. Fast acting short term sedative   and muscle relaxant. Contains Valeriana officinalis. May be useful   when clipping nervous horses or introducing to new experiences.May help alleviate symptoms of neurotoxicity ie stringhalt, tying up, colic.Note in each of the conditions mentioned this can only be regarded as a temporary measure. Veterinary care must be given.OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


  • Dose: 3-5ml daily.10-20ml an hour   before required. Tests positive
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml    $119.90

Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract. 

Hira Saw Palmetto


The kidney health herb. May assist in improving urinary and kidney systems. Contains Serenoa   serrulata. Animals fed on these berries were known for their health,   vigour and increased strength and weight. It has sedative and tonic   properties. Helps bulk up muscle mass. OUT OF STOCK


  • Dose 3-10ml   as required.
  • 200ml    $52.23
  • 500ml   $120.00  

          Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract.         i

Hira Seda-Horse


This concentrated blend of plant substances act as nerve tonics   for the brain, muscular, digestive and skin systems. A concentrated calming   blend containing some of the following: chamomile, vervain, hops, scullcap. Check the FEI link on Banned Substances


  1. May be  used over a period  of a few months for behavioural        problems.
  2. A fast acting  sedative suitable  for shows.
  3. Horses  that experience difficulties when there is a change to their training   regime
  4. May be used for  horses that tense muscles during a training session.
  5. Low daily doses may be used over the show season to keep the horse settled
  6. May help improve the efficiency of neuro-transmittors.
  7. Seda Horse will not make it  excessively drowsy or negatively affect performance.
  • Dose 5 -10ml and   hour before required. For top competition double dose the night before. 3ml may be given daily to act on the nervous   system to settle the horse
  • 200ml    $52.90
  • 500ml    $126.30

Some Comments:


Seda Horse, Happy Horse and Anti Al MAG

 Hello Everdien, Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂  I had the ride of my life on Max last weekend, he was amazing, he let go and went forward and didn’t have his eyes trying to look at his butt ( well behind him anyway!!), he was with me and fabulous, his power was outstanding. I am so excited for the future.

So here come some more questions 🙂 How long should they stay on these beautiful horsey ‘erbs??

I am competing this weekend, so do I double up the dose the night before? and none in the morning, or double up by dosing in the night feed and the morning feed??

Do you think I should order the Magnesium??

I look forward to hearing from you Everdien, and thank you again.

Happy Thoughts

Annie and Max Western Australia.




A concentrated blend of Passiflora incarnata. This herb is reputed to have sedative effects in horses where Valerian may not be tolerated. It can be used for general anxiety and is particularly suitable for the digestive system. Some horses that don’t travel well have found this to be of help.


  • Dose: 3-5ml daily. 5-10ml as required for situational nervousness
  • 200ml    $52.90
  • 500ml     $126.30
Hira Steady Head Concentrate  


This product has been formulated after extensive research on   some of the contributing factors that cause headshaking syndrome. We believe   that this condition requires a multi faceted approach to include modifying   the diet, pasture, training and the use of herbs and supplements.This   product consists of a range of anti-seratonic herbs, those that address heart   rate, blood flow near the nasal passages  and levels of stress hormones.Effectiveness of this product is   enhanced when given in conjunction with Equi-Anti-Al MAG.  and Omega Oil  Complex.


  • Dose  3ml -5 may be given daily to help reduce headshaking.
  • 200ml    $65.55
  • 500ml    $140.88  .
Hira Submission


Due to the ever-increasing list of banned herbal products, we have formulated a calming  product out of a range of little known or talked about herbs that act on   slowing the reactivity and adrenal response in the horse. This blend of herbs is ideal for the horse that doesn’t respond as well to other herbal calmers. A number of competitors have found this as a valuable alternative to Seda Horse due to its action on different parts of the nervous system. Be sure to check for Banned Substances via the link to the FEI site


  • Dose:between 2.5 -5ml ml may be given on the day of a competition.  5ml the night before will further help calm the horse on the day required. contact us for further information on this product and links to Banned Herbs .
  • 200ml    $65.55
  • 500ml    $140.88  


Hira Hormone Balancer 


A concentrated extract of Vitex agnus   (Chaste Berry) which may help act on the endocrine system in particular the luteinising hormone. It is a relaxant herb that regulates hormonal functions and promotes   lactation. Used in conjunction with St John’s Wort may reduce marish behaviour. Suitable for use on stallions and geldings exhibiting stallion-like behaviour.Many people have found   this a good tide-over product for competition by giving it in conjunction   with Seda Horse the night before a show and then giving 5ml of Hormone Balancer on the day of the show.


  • Dose: 2-5ml daily over   spring, and  summer
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml      $119.90

Please note we have discontinued the litre bottles of this extract.

Feed back:


Hi Everdien,

the pony is going really well on your vitex agnes I can now undo rugs without her trying to kill me and she is getting better with saddle. This happened on about day 3 of using the supplement! Thanks S….


 Hi Everdien, can I have some mare hormone stuff please. I stopped using it a couple of months ago and my mare has turned into a dragon : (the 1 litre please. Thanks Ann E



The hormone balancer is working a treat – I have my horses mind back!!!

Please can I order a bigger container of it as I will keep her on it now.

Thanks N….

I’m having fantasic results with my mare. I pop 5ml under her tongue in the mornings when she’s in season the drop it down to 4ml between times.
All the unhappiness and discomfort she was having when in season have gone and I have a very happy mare all the time now. Thanks Megan.

Louise from Australia had this to say about Vitex agnes Hormone Balancer  and Happy Horse (St John’s Wort)

Hi Everdien,

 I’m seeing some positive changes in my horse since changing him from the submission onto the hormone balancer and so happy.  He seems more confident in himself and generally less reactive to external stimulants.  I also tried him on the Seda horse when I took him to a new environment for a lesson.  Again, he was calm and confident and although he still looked about he was not ‘explosive’ at all.  The other thing that was really noticeable to me was that he felt relaxed without feeling dull or heavy so we were still able to have a super lesson.

Hira Yarrow


The sarcoid herb. Yarrow helps starve the wart etc of its   blood supply and nutrients causing it to wither and drop off. Flavonoids in yarrow flowers encourage circulation, lowers blood pressure and strengthens vascular walls. Its main active ingredient being thujone makes it  suitable for the treatment of some skin conditions. Feel free to email to get feed back on other people’s   experiences with a range of conditions. Go to our plant profile page or email   us to find out more about this amazing paddock weed.


  • Dose: 3-5ml daily.
  • 200ml    $50.23
  • 500ml    $119.90

Maureen txt me with the following:

“I just wanted to say that the warts on his sheath have disappeared completely. The vet who has been treating him for years now cannot believe that hey are gone. I will keep him on yarrow for ever”

2017 from another client

“Good morning Hira lab
The Yarrow I used on my boy worked and his sarcoid fell off only leaving a slight rub looking mark, My question is do I continue to use it or can I now stop?
Thank you very much”


Hi Everdien,the products are fantastic I have only been using them on my donkey for about 4 days and have noticed a great difference in the sarcoid already it has started to shrivel and is half the size it was will keep you posted on how it goes.Cheers Karen


Hi Evierdien Can I please order another bottle of the Yarrow  for my boy’s sarcoid.  It seems to be working really well & the worst two have shrunk heaps.  He is also growing hair back where I never thought he would.  Please send to Tracey….


Hi Everdien,

just thought Id share my news with you…………..OLLIE’S SARCOID HAS GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup…… when I bought him in he had all this thick goupy stuff stuck to his leg ( I just thought he’d knocked his saroid and made it bleed )….and when I looked to his thigh to where the big yucky lump usually sticks out, it was gone!!!!!!!! There is a bit of a cavity where the sarcoid was…and a bit of rough gristley looking skin around the outside edges……but its all vertually cleared up and gone…..nothing sticks out anymore. Im going to just keep doing what Ive been doing with the homeopathic drops and your yarrow and bergamot tincture etc….but Im also using calendula cream so help clear up the remaining gristley stuff and try to promote new skin and hair growth. I think I might have to order another jar of the calendula cream off you soon……….I’ll have a better look tomorrow and get back to you on that one.

Well…….just wanted to let you know.

Cheers L……..

Hyperdula Spray The First Aid SprayHira Labs have   formulated a 100% plant based first aid spray now in a convenient 200ml plastic amber pharm bottle.1- Contains Hypericum known to act on nerve endings and is recognised for its healing


  1. Calendula officinalis to increase oxygen to the area.
  2. Plant astringents to tighten tissue.
  3. First aid treatment for minor injuries.
  4. May help prevent proud flesh formation
  5. Where the horse will not allow any one to touch the site.
  6. May help with hair loss due to minor skin conditions.
  7. As a sterile first aid flush to clean out the area and then sprayed onto affected area 3 times daily.
  • Dose Apply 2-3 times daily
  •  200ml    $50.23

Tonics These consist of a blend of plant   concentrates in a base of organic cider vinegar.  


Hira Equi-Anti-Al  MAG Tonic 500ml


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Anti-Al-Mag-500-white-small.jpg

The product contains natural plant based ionised magnesium and will help counteract the effects of ‘hot pastures’ and feed. The combination of active plant ingredients in cider vinegar ( alkalinises the blood) this easily absorbed magnesium together with plant sedatives like chamomile, scullcap, vitex agnes and passionflower help calm your horse during times of excessive reactivity. The bitter detox herbs act on the liver to help flush myco-toxins. Brewers yeast is also an inexpensive   ‘toxin binder’ 1-2 tablespoons daily.To further enhance the calming effect add an additional capful (20ml) to the feed in doing so you will be giving   more ‘calming’ herbs. Contact us directly at  for information of the role of magnesium and how stress and a high cortisol set-point will cause the horse to excrete this essential mineral.


  •  Dose 10-15ml daily when   horse is on ‘hot’ pasture.
  • 500ml $41.40

We have replaced the litre with a more concentrated blend in a 500ml bottle where instead of 20ml daily dose it will be 10 to 15ml. We will give standard discounts for multiples of 2,3 4 and 5 bottles so the price will be comparable.

Client Feed back

I can’t keep up with   people wanting Anti Al Mag. It counteracts our Southland grass like no other   product.One of my clients is   having huge success; we altered the feed, the way of schooling (more   relaxation and Hoofball!) and put the horse on Anti Al Mag. She was getting   58% dressage score on a really good day (usually more like 48%). Now their   best score is 70%!

A few weeks agoI have two clients   with warmbloods who are having amazing results on the Anti Al mag,I do think your   products are fantastic though! I have a 6yr old tb off the track who is up to   his feltocks in green grass and two big hard feeds a day and is as chilled as   a cucumber on your products! Until I started feeding them he had suddenly   gotten really agitated to the point where he wouldn’t even eat. Plus his   itchy skin has improved also.Mel

Thanks Hira Labs!

 You are saving me a   fortune!  Since starting my horse on the Equi-Anti-Al M, I have noticed   changes which I can only attribute to the product.  No more itchy skin,   raw rubbed belly and horse dragging himself along the ground in   ecstasy.  No more need for ‘toxin-binders’ and extra ‘calming’   supplements.  I am looking forward to my first Spring without the   need for 15 different products or the need for a diet pen, and competing   this gelding this season, with a bright healthy coat and sensible attitude. 

 PS  When we started the EquiAntiAl, Red had a wicked case   of mud-fever which we had had no luck in beating.  It hasn’t returned,   despite being in constant wet and mud for the last 8   weeks.     …?!


I am about to ring Everdien   tonight. I have had absolutely astounding results on her products this last   month. I have stopped buying and feeding other products, which up until now has   been imperative on this property, for every horse. I have a sane, calm,  spunky looking horse, and I’m not spending collossal amounts on toxin binders   and extras. To be honest I’m blown away.. My ginga is quiet, not at all   spooky, and not nearly as girthy or sensitive any more. And I’m feeding him   salt, too. R

Hi EverdienMy supplies arrived in the weekend; thank you very much.I was at the Southland Dressage Champs with Maxi all weekend and had lots   of lovely comments about how amazing he looks and how calm and relaxed! All   due to your amazing products! thank you so much.Margaret was very interested in what my secret was and I have passed on   your contact details & a newsletter to her.kind regard Julia Latham Flying Horse LtdVisit her fascinating site as of Julia using a   Hoof Ball as part of a calming training program she uses with her pupils

Another comment.

Hello there! I just wanted to say, many thanks for your fabulous product – Equi Anti-Al Mag. I read a post on one of my friend’s facebook pages that got me thinking about trying it. My 13yo crossbred is very spooky (prone to staggers gets staggers) and while I’ve got it mostly under control with careful management and he’s still has the odd odd spook every ride. It is more annoying than anything but I thought I would give Equi Anti Al Mag a go thinking I had nothing to lose. Anyway, two weeks later I have a vastly improved horse. It wasn’t until my riding buddy pointed out that my horse wasn’t spooking at all around the farm that I really started to pay attention. I took him for a road ride around the block the other day thinking that surely if he would spook that would provoke it. Nope, nada, zip, zilch. I’m very impressed. He’s even been grazing in the paddock with the other horses on our ‘hot’ pasture wit no detrimental effects. Thanks so much!


Fantastic. Having great success with Al- mag as well. Topped up from horse sports last time. 

Visit our articles page to get more news on magnesium and the effects of sugars on your   horse and some practical pasture management steps you can take to make your   horse less reactive to grass. Contact us directly for pasture mix blends.


Hira   Mobility Tonic with Added Devil’s Claw  500ml


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mobility-Tonic.jpg

Mobility Tonic with added Devil’s Claw, ginkgo, saw palmetto and ashwagandha Is a concentrated blend of organically grown herbal extracts the   active ingredients consist of thujone, flavonoids, serenoa,   harpagosides,  in organic cider vinegar formulated to improve mobility   and will generally soften the horse. Suitable for times when working on hard   ground and during strenuous exercise. Discontinue 8 hours before competition.

  • Dose  10- 15 ml  daily over the   show season
  • 500ml $45.89

We have replaced this product  with a more concentrated blend in a 500ml bottle where instead of 20ml daily dose it will be 10 to 15ml. We will give standard discounts for multiples of 2,3 4 and 5 bottles so the price will be comparable.

Feed back


Hi E. Just wanted  to   say that my geriatric old mare is doing well on your mobility products.    There’s been a noticeable improvement in her movement as well as her   temperament  as she seems less grumpy and is far more willing to move   around the paddock keeping up with the young ones..  Thanks a million   for your help.Regards Michelle


Thanks so much. I can’t believe the difference, and I noticed it within a few days of starting him on it. I thought it might be a coincidence at first (wary of getting my hopes up) but it continued and hasn’t stopped. He felt so good he even decided to try jumping the arena fence when we were practicing our dressage test LOL!

Fantastic products and fantastic service!

Thanks so much


 Hi Everdien,

Oh my goodness…  I want to say a HUGE thank you as you have made a massive difference to my 14 yr old pony!  After only three days on the Mobility Tonic and the Devils Claw Herbal Blend we saw a substantial improvement in the way he moves.  My daughter and I really appreciate your help in his natural well being.  We look forward to continuing our customer relationship.  I am thrilled to have recommended you to friends.
Kind Regards
Charmaine Amos
Hira   Immune  Tonic. The Cider Vinegar Dietary Now with 10% echinacea extract Supplement (New Product)



We have formulated a   general, cost effective winter tonic. This tonic combines the health giving   attributes of naturally fermented cider vinegar with echinacae,   gingko, and plant based vitamin C to improve the horse’s ability to fight   infection and maintain optimum health through winter. Benefits of cider   vinegar and added herbs are:This tonic can be taken by people as an Immune tonic as well. Just 1 tablespoon in a glass of hot water with grated lemon rind and ginger plus a tsp of honey.


  1. Enhances skin and coat health.
  2. Helps prevent muscle fatigue after exercise.
  3. Cider vinegar combined with gingko increases stamina and circulation of blood.
  4. Pectins in apple provide a protective coating over the lining of the colon.
  5. Cider vinegar improves  digestion and feed conversion.
  6. It helps dissolve uric acid and calcium deposits that form around joints helping improve mobility.
  7. Carbolic acid improves urinary tract health
  8. May help with insulin resistance help and body pH.
  9. Ashwagandha and artemisia may improve the immune response.
  • Dose 20ml to 35ml daily.   Will not test positive


We are looking for onsellers to promote and sell this product

we have added It extra echinacae and sweet mugwort to enhance the immune boost effect

 Now to some interesting feedback

2016-06-14 Firstly can I please order a litre of your Immune Tonic – it’s not only cured my boys cough but also irradiated his parasite problem.   Tested 0 in his FEC today after having continuous high counts for the past 10months.


Hellllloooo again!
Hope all is well your end?
Just wondering if when you get a mo, can you please send us again – 2 x bottles of 1000 litre immune tonic. I don’t feel like going without it now!! It has become my dependent for all is well in pony world!!!
Thanks so much, S——-“

As well as the liquid extracts we have processed whole herbs and dietary  supplements

Other herbs and supplements These consist of dietary   supplements and feed boosts that may be added to the daily feed regime. Hira   Labs also offers a natural feed   program to address particular conditions, prevention of degenerative diseases   and how to improve your horse’s general performance
Processed Whole root Devil’s Claw


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Devls-claw-root.2.jpg

Devil’ Claw Root is soaked in extract making it a potent feed additive. An ideal addition to the feed bowl for horses experiencing mobility issues


  • Dose one to two handfuls daily
  • $40.25  per kg. Discount on bulk orders


Hi Everdien

I want to let you know that my mare just seems so much calmer and is much more settled in her yard and paddock. 


Hi Everdien,

time to stock up before the grass starts growing I think !. I have to say I think the handful of whole herb blend and the daily dose of anti Al Mag has helped have a real calming influence…..along with more groundwork & riding !.

Hi there Everdien,

Can I order a couple more kgs of this magic stuff. My mare is much more settled and her digestive problems seem to be getting better. She travels really

Hi Everdien

I want to let you know that my mare just seems so much calmer well if I give her an extra handful before loading and doesn’t move round nearly as much and poos in the float less too. 🙂

THank you so much for your help


Chaste berry Vitex agnus powder


Vitex agnus is soaked in extract making it a potent feed additive. An ideal addition to the feed bowl for horses experiencing endocrine issues


  • Dose one to two handfuls daily
  • $40.25  per kg. Discount on bulk orders


  • $40.25  per kg. Discount of 25% on orders over 10kg



  Chaste berry  




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