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Hira Cell-Vit Mist

A non-oily multivitamin herbal complex consisting of vitamins A,E,F,H (biotin) B8(inositol), horse chestnut extract, natural plant humectants and AHA’s. Nutrient moisture mist to be sprayed on to cleansed skin and during the day as a freshener. The topical vitamins act as anti-oxidants and will assist in normalizing sebum production making it suitable for both excessively oily and dry skins. Go to our page on skin care to get detailed information on the product.

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  • 30 ml    $20.25



I absolutely adore these two products and my face skin is so revitalised now, elastic and glowing. You are very clever, the smell and presentation is lovely too. Thank you very much. JC


I just love this product! It is heavenly to just spray several times a day over my makeup. I also use it at night after applying the Green Gold Nutrient Cream and may face is lovely and moist in the morning. No tightness. Thanks for a wonderful product. Emily

Hira Cell-Vit C


Is a concentrated Vitamin C lotion consisting of cold pressed rosehip oil, natural vitamin E. Apply a few drops to cleansed skin morning and night. Oil-soluble vitamin C will assist in the production of collagen and the repair of micro-inflammation responsible for the aging effects of sun damage. Go to our page on skin care to get detailed information on the product.

Prices :    

  • 30 ml    $39.95  


I am of the opinion that you guys have invented the best skin product I think I have ever used. Awesome stuff! Even Greg is using (and enjoying) both the mist and the ‘serum’. Important to know….he has NEVER used a skin product before in his whole life! Maybe it is that the spray bottle is so easy for him to use? Love the gold detail on the serum bottle too….gives it a seriously good look. I cannot rave enough. (Really!) Rach

Thanks Everdien. No other product has had results like yours, my face feels wrong without it. I no longer have dry irritated skin. Yes please i would be happy to try any face products lol. Colleen
August 2nd 2011-08-02

It is fabulous stuff Everdien!!! 🙂 People have been astounded at how well the scar has healed. 🙂 I have a check up at the skin institute soon and it will be interesting to see what they say. 🙂

2011-10-7 Facebook You need some of Everdien van Eerten’s Cell Vit C!! Incredible for repairs! I put it on sunburn last year and by morning it had completely gone. incredible healing stuff!

you know when I run out of this I really notice it. My skin just stays feeling “tight” using other products, nothing eases that after shower feeling until I use some of this lovely stuff 🙂 H


Green Gold Nutrient Complex



This rich hydrating cream consists of a range of oil vitamins C and E, palmitic acid, and vitamins A,E,F,H (biotin) B8(inositol), Hypericum, calendula, aloe vera  natural plant humectants and AHA’s anti-oxidants, lecithin,  and phyto nutrients in a base of rosehip and jojoba oils and bees wax. The cream is absorbed directly into the skin to stimulate collagen production, enhance cell turnover, and prevent the formation of wrinkles. It contains concentrated levels of Oil-soluble vitamin C or vitamin C ester, which acts on the lipid layer that surrounds each cell. It acts as an effective anti-oxidant that can penetrate the cell plasma membrane.Massage gently into skin after cleansing at night.


  • 30ml $59.50 Contact us at for the latest pre Christmas sale



Over the moon with the Green Gold! What an amazing product. Skin food luxury. Better than any imported product I have ever tried, ever. Thank you!



Items arrived today thanks and what a relief to be using them again as my face was feeling so dry since run out!!  Plumbed out a few wrinkles when I used it today!!


The green gold cream is incredible the way it keeps the skin from drying out;I have tried all sorts of night creams etc but have not used anything so good as that .



I LOVE your skin care – its heaven for my skin – thanks so much!!!


Hi Everdien

I have been using your Vit C serum and your night cream and love it. I was wondering do you have a day time cream as well or is it ok to use the night cream for both? Which I have been doing since my other day cream ran out.

Cheers Helen





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