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April 2024

We are sending our our latest newsletter this week after a few weeks off.

Autumn is a pleasant gentle season and while there will be challenges for people with grass affected horses this time is when you can take stock and maybe make some changes to your pastures and start experimenting with plants that will help with endocrine issues.

Maybe consider putting in hedges that will provide polyphenols and flavonoids.

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Some Changes to Packaging in our Product Line

Our tonics are in a smaller more convenient size and are more concentrated so that a lower dose can be administered.
We have almost finished the white plastic 500ml bottles for the tonics and will be doing a new run in the new bottles shortly.

Once stocks are sold these tonics will be in 500ml Amber pharm PET bottle

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Horse Health

Are I/R horses suffering from a simple dietary deficiency?

Polyphenols and Endocrinopathic laminitis.

  • High insulin produces the hormone IGF-1 which then goes on to produce abnormal cell proliferation and laminitis,
  • Plant polyphenols block the action of the IGF-1 thus preventing the onset of laminitis.

In our newsletter we discuss this in greater depth and ways in which we can add these to the horse’s diet.

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End of Line Horse Specials

We are discontinuing the squat white 500ml plastic bottles in favour of Amber Pharm PET bottles

Screen shot the special to redeem the special and email us with it info@hiralabs.co.nz

This Special for Multiples of any 5 products s still valid

If you buy multiples of 5 of any extracts we will give 15% over the five.

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